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Dr. Weaver has the Healing Touch, a power that is given to descendants of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. This power varies between the individuals that possess it, but in her specific case, it allows her to raise a patient's vital signs. In the game, the patient's vitals rise with each 'cool', 'good', or 'okay' mark on an action performed while the ability is active - this is roughly one minute. In the 'X-missions' at the end of the game, she uses Derek Stiles' Healing Touch ability (which slows time and allows him to work faster) once, also, indicating that in some cases, the power's nature can change.

In Landel's Institute, Dr. Weaver will not have access to her full limit of Healing Touch abilities, but if she is particularly concerned about a patient, she may give them a little nudge. It would heal some minor wounds (surface cuts, bruises, scrapes) completely or speed the healing process along for serious injuries by a day or two.

This is not an ability she will use often. It will be strictly on a case-by-case basis, and even then, she won't want to use her ability very often.


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