Nov. 22nd, 2009

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Nov. 22nd, 2009 11:53 pm
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Dr. Nozomi Weaver was previously employed as a surgeon at St. Francis Hospital. She was known for taking on cases that other surgeons couldn't possibly handle, and facing them with skill, pride, and determination. Despite her cool demeanor, she was well-liked by her patients and her colleagues. It was a surprise to all of them when she decided to leave the hospital; she was considered their rising star. In her resignation letter, she said that she wanted to broaden her horizons as a doctor.

However, there are quite a few rumors surrounding Dr. Weaver's sudden exit. Could it have anything to do with the large-scale infectious disease outbreak six months ago? Every qualified doctor in the area was taking on as many patients as they could at that time, but was that her only involvement? What's more, little is known about her past before working at St. Francis. Such a dedicated and upstanding medical professional couldn't possibly have anything to hide, right?

Dr. Weaver's patients will find her outside demeanor to be cool and professional, if nothing else. However, while she says that sympathy isn't something she has much of these days, the fact remains that under her cool exterior is a softer side. It's not likely to show itself much, though...

Nozomi Weaver's office is painted in an ice-blue color, with a heavy maple desk and comfortable chair behind it, as well as two chairs opposite the desk. Otherwise, it is sparsely decorated, its most notable features the top-of-the line computer that adorns the desk and the whiteboard along one wall. The board is largely blank, though you may see some notes in the margins now and again. There are also some standard medical tools - a blood pressure cuff, an otoscope, and an opthalmoscope - along one wall.

There is a set of bookshelves along the wall opposite the whiteboard - if you look closer, you will see that they largely focus on pathology and infectious disease. There's a combination safe behind the bookcase, though what's inside it is anyone's guess - and it's a heavy bookshelf.

Inside her desk, there are pens and notepads in the top drawer. The second drawer contains a silver smartphone (not unlike a Blackberry), and...a picture - a small boy on a hospital bed. There's no name on the photo and no identifying date.

Doctor's Office Number: 9
Assigned Patients: [ profile] akarusa, [ profile] kingside, [ profile] swornandbroken, [ profile] piggy_king, [ profile] irishpirational, [ profile] toadally4boobs, [ profile] jokers_wildcard, & [ profile] lookitmemama.

Played by: [ profile] jennifer [AIM: bewithered roses]


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